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What are the requirements if I want to add camera control with the remote control RMB 170 or RCP 1500, genlock, tally, and control operation such as skin detail, colour balancing, iris, master black, gamma, etc…?
For Genlok its best to use a external frame store – something like at AJA FS1 does a good job.
With our Sony Telemetry system, you get full control using a original Sony RCP (not included).  The RCP works the same as if it was hard wired with all controls working.
With tally- if you are using a RCP and a CCU,then you trigger the tally though the CCU.  This is the only place you can connect a tally signal as the RCP does not have tally input.
If you are not using a CCU then you use our separate tally system.
The following videos below will explain…


Can the Meridian Portable system be used for a Teleprompter signal?

The Portable system can be used for Teleprompter but the receiver must be mounted at the bottom of the steadicam.

What mounting solution would you recommend for the following camera models: SONY HXR-NX5, SONY HVR-Z5/Z7, SONY PMW-EX3, SONY PMW-EX1R?

For the models cited above we would recommend using a shoulder bracket that offers a V-lok or Anton Bauer battery plate connection.

How do you mount your wireless transmitter onto the camcorder?

We would recommend using our battery plate transmitter available in Anton Bauer or V-lok.

Can Meridian accommodate a 1080/25p signal? If yes, does this include 30/50p?

The Meridian supports 1080 up to 30p and all formats 1080 up to 60i.

It doesn’t support 50 and 60p which is also known as a 3G HDSDI signal.

However, our Zenith system can do.

For more information please contact sales@boxx.tv

Can the Meridian system be used with the Red and Alexa cameras?

The Meridian can be used with both the Alexa and Red cameras. We have solutions to address past power issues and mounting the transmitter onto the Alexa.

Please contact sales@boxx.tv for further information.

Can Boxx offer systems in frequency bands other than 5GHz?

Boxx only offers systems in the 5GHz frequency band; all Boxx products are designed to be used without the need to apply for a license.

Our clients have never had an issue with finding available spectrum in the 5GHz frequency band.

What is the range of the Meridian system?

In our experience from a roaming camera (i.e. not a fixed point transmission) the range is around 150 metres with the Broadcast Receiver or Rack Mount Receiver. We have clients reporting up to 250 metres with these receivers but it depends on the setup and environment.  A Portable Receiver should get up to 50 metres range.

The videos below show the Meridian used in different environments. For further ideas of set ups and range tests, take a look at our technical section.

How many Meridian systems can be used in the same environment?

Up to 6 systems can be used in the same environment, but a wi-spy system will be needed in order to determine which channels are being used.  Without a wi-spy system up to 4 systems can be safely used within one space.


Can I order directly from Boxx?

Boxx TV has distributors worldwide. Please see our contacts page.

I cannot find a reseller in my region, who shall I contact?

If there appears to be no reseller in your region please contact sales@boxx.tv or complete the customer contact form and we shall provide details of the nearest reseller.

Do you have on-site support?

Yes. Please call +44(0)845 643 2874 or email support@boxx.tv for our technical team.

What do I do if I have a system that needs repairing?

Please contact the distributor you purchased the system from to arrange for the repair.

Each repair will require an RMA prior to being sent. If repairs are received without an RMA, this may result in delays.

What sort of lead time can I expect when ordering from Boxx?

Boxx typically dispatches an order within 2 weeks from the time we receive full payment for an order. Sometimes there may be longer lead times due to unforeseen manufacturing delays.  If this is the case the customer will be notified.

How do I become a reseller of Boxx TV?

Boxx TV is always interested in expanding our global reach.

Please contact us at sales@boxx.tv for a reseller application form.


What is the weight and power consumption of the Zenith system?

The Zenith Transmitter has TNC antenna connectors and is approx 0.8kg. The power consumption is 15 Watts.

The transmitter can be rebuilt into a lightweight casing which brings the weight down to approx 0.4kg

You may find the following video of interest for the lightweight transmitter:

Zenith Lightweight Transmitter & Multicopter

The Broadcast Receiver has N Type connectors and is approx 2.5kg

You may find the following video of interest:

Zenith at Bournemouth Air Show

Is there any difference between Zenith and Meridian?

Meridian operates at 1.4G 1080 60i max. (not 3G, Zenith)

Zenith has 80 milliseconds delay whereas Meridian has

You can find a full comparison chart of these two products on our products page here.

Does Zenith need to work within “line of sight”?

Zenith does not need to work “line of sight” but the range can be increased by pointing the antenna towards each other.

For further information contact our technical team at support@boxx.tv

As Zenith is a H.264 compression system, do we need any other device to de-compress the video signal from Zenith?

Please contact the distributor you purchased the system from to arrange for the repair.

Each repair will require an RMA prior to being sent. If repairs are received without an RMA, this may result in delays.

Can Zenith support either 3G-SDI (HD, 1080P/50Hz) or SD?

The Zenith system can support both 3G-SDI (HD, 1080P/50Hz) and SD.

For full specs please download the spec sheet here.

For further information, please contact our technical team at support@boxx.tv