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Galloping Wirelessly

Andrew Barnhardt of the WoodBine Entertainment Group was in search of a wireless camera system and found his answer in the Zenith system through our Canadian reseller Dynamic Video Electronics.

“I’ve been looking for a product to replace our existing wireless camera system that was in need of replacement.  We require a lot from a system as we need to cover many locations around the large race track surfaces, all outdoors and some of which are up to 1km away.  We also need coverage on the other side of the grandstand building where there is no line of sight.  Our existing system required a full-featured receiver on each side of the building, each with its own output and requiring a cable path up to our control room.

What we see with the Zenith is that we get excellent coverage and range and cannot make the signal break up under normal conditions.  With the ability to add inexpensive wireless access points over our LAN and route the signal back to the main receiver we can easily add coverage on the other side of the building with a very small incremental cost.  This also means we can get coverage in new areas that we couldn’t afford to equip in the past.  In testing we were even able to use an AP and locate the camera and transmitter at our sister race track 50 km away and route the signal back over our network link.  The latency was still less than half a second, and picture quality was excellent.

The cost of the Boxx Zenith system compared very favourably with the competition.  The value of what we received was second to none.  The support from our local supplier and his support directly from BOXX has been fast and conclusive, able to answer and resolve all issues.  We are confident that we made the right decision in purchasing the Boxx Zenith product.”

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We strongly recommend an engineer is booked for a consultation and initial system training/installation with the Zenith system.