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Gottfried Pflugbeil Speaks about “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Boxx Atom

Boxx TV recently got a chance to catch up with the very busy Toronto based Gottfried Pflugbeil, A-camera 1st AC on shows such as “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “American Gothic”, “Salvation” and “Condor”, who has been using the Boxx Atom systems on all his recent projects.

“Through Peter Crevier (of Dynamic Video Electronics in Toronto, Canada) I was able to get the first Boxx Atom in Canada for testing. This was just over 1 year ago when I was working on the TV Series “American Gothic” and was the owner of a number of Boxx Meridians…. The DP Allen Caso was completely blown away with the Boxx Atom. Up until then the colourist/Digital Management Technician had been colouring all of our footage at the end of the day. As soon as the Boxx Atom arrived…they could colour grade the shots while we were filming, as the colour bit depth was so vastly improved on the Boxx Atom – they had never been able to even consider colour grading a transmitted picture before.”

“The biggest advantage to me is that there is no “pairing” with the Boxx Atom. You just pick your channel and that’s it.”

“When you have multiple cameras, it is a breeze to just change channels and tune into whatever camera is playing on whatever monitor you want. And the interchangeability is amazing. If I want to change one piece I just swap it in – no other pieces have to be changed in the system. This makes problem solving on set so much quicker.
I also like the fall off of signal. When I get to maximum range, I start to see snow and I know that I have maybe another 20 feet before I lose picture. This is very helpful in long Steadicam shots to know when you are close to maximum range.”

Gottfried can currently be found working on the second season of the Emmy award winning “The Handmaid’s Tale”. For more information on Gottfried you can visit his IMdB Page or contact him directly via email at gottfried.pflugbeil@gmail.com or by phone on +1 416-573-9026