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Meridian Range Test – Amex Stadium

Sorry if this video makes you sick, but when testing an installation, it’s important to create the very worst scenario that the system may need to cope with in the hope to pick up any problem areas.

This video shows a real range test of the Boxx Meridian zero delay system around a 30,000 seat stadium in Brighton UK. The camera is being thrown around violently as this exaggerates movement which the RF link will need to cope with, thus highlighting any problems areas far more than just walking around with the camera on the operators’ shoulder. Also using the operators body to block the line-of-site to the receiver is used to help hi-light any RF problems.

The camera is sending HD 1080i 50 over the Rf link, and the recording is a down converted signal to DVD PAL.

Please note that any loss of frames is not the RF link but youtube compression. The Meridian does not use Mpeg compression, so any error in the RF link is on a pixel level and not frame loss.

Its also interesting to note that even with Zero delay over the RF link, when you add up Genlok, the vision mixer, and the LED screen, the delay is around 3-4 frames.