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Osvaldo “Ozzie” Silvera Talks About His Years of Experience with Boxx Wireless Solutions

Osvaldo “Ozzie” Silvera, a Director of Photography and Steadicam operator for almost three decades, first used the Boxx Meridian system about 6 years ago while working on a music video for recording artist Gloria Estefan. He spoke to Boxx recently about his experience with the Boxx Meridian system:

“There was a time recently when was filming for ESPN at an obstacle course challenge in Lake Lanier, Georgia. The Producers said they were flying in a super powerful wireless HD systems from a provider in the US. The 900 foot long obstacle course was a half moon around the edge of a lake at the base of a sharp descent hill. Production would be able to place the receivers in the middle of the course so the furthest the transmitters would ever be from the receiver antennas would be about 450 ft. The signal kept breaking up a little over a hundred feet away and although the signal was not being broadcast live, it still needed to be clean so the Director would be able to properly direct the multi camera event.”

“On my recommendation production rented Boxx Meridian systems and that is what we used for the job. We placed the transmitters up high above the 4×4 golf carts that we used for the camera vehicles to lead and follow the competitors. I now always carry one Boxx Meridian Transmitter and two Boxx Meridian Receivers and a panel antenna (ANT505) on most jobs; on more than one occasion the Meridian system has saved the day.”

Osvaldo “Ozzie” Silvera is based in Florida, USA and can be contacted via email at ozzie@silverafilm.com or by phone on +1 (305) 216.8395. More photos and work experience can be viewed on his website: www.silverafilm.com and you can follow Ozzie on Instagram @Ozziesilvera.