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ZS-2F: Zenith 2 Frame System


The Zenith wireless system comes complete with a transmitter, receiver and the standard accessories package.

Transmitter Battery Plates *

Tally & Iris *

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The Zenith wireless system is designed for ENG and HD real-time productions where range and signal reliability are essential. In its basic configuration the system transmits an H.264 compressed signal up to 800m over WiFi within the 5GHz license-exempt spectrum.

Where the requirement is for a higher range or for a signal to navigate around impenetrable objects, the unique networking capability of Zenith comes into its own by deploying any number of inexpensive transceiver nodes in order to provide for an effective unlimited range.

Zenith is fully configurable via a web interface and signal quality can be monitored and tweaked in real- me on any portable IP device (Laptop, smartphone etc). Zenith provides a scalable modular solution allowing adopters to tailor a system to budget and performance requirements and performance.

Key Features:

  • 90 milliseconds latency
  • 5.1 – 5.9GHz license-exempt band
  • Tally and Iris
  • Return Audio which can be used as IFB
  • Dual SDI output on receiver
  • Range from camera back transmitter up to 1km
  • Range (point-to-point) up to 20km
  • 2 – 14Mb encoding bitrate
  • Secure encrypted transmission


Included Components

1 x ZR-2F: Zenith 2 Frame Receiver
1 x ZT-4F: Zenith 2 Frame Transmitter
1 x ADP103: N-male to N-male barrel
2 x ADP106: N-male to N-male barrel right angle
1 x ADP107: RP male TNC to male N-Type
2 x ADP108: N-Type to N-Type right angle male to female
1 x ANT104: RP-TNC 3dBi gain 14cm rubber duckie antenna
2 x ANT105: 5.5dB 5GHz TNC 20cm rubber duckie antenna
2 x ANT106: 5.5dB 5GHz TNC 30cm rubber duckie antenna
1 x ANT201: 10dB 5GHz omni directional N-Type antenna
2 x ANT2020: 19dBi 5GHz 20 degree N-Type antenna
2 x ANT205: 13.5dB 5GHz patch 40 egree SMA antenna
2 x CBL101: BNC to BNC cable
2 x CBL111: 4 pin XLR to 4 pin Hirose cable
2 x PS1205: 90-264Vac 50/60Hz Power Supply
1 x CMP001: The Super Clamp
1 x CMP003: Adjustable tilt arm
1 x CMP004: Antenna spigot adaptors
2 x COAX404: LMR400 coax cable with N-Type connectors. 4m in length