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Robust SD Transmission Solution

The Cobalt wireless microwave system is a unique broadcast technology providing a live-to-air microwave link for any camera without ghosting, break-up or interference at a fraction of the cost of traditional digital microwave systems.

The Cobalt system is currently being used around the world for a host of broadcasting applications, as a reliable, cost effective alternative to COFDM systems.

Cobalt uses a unique bi-directional transmission system where each packet of data is acknowledged by the receiver. This means that any lost data can be requested and resent, resulting in an extremely robust link.


  • Extremely robust link
  • Automatic dynamic data rate
  • Automatic channel select (seeks and locks onto cleanest frequency)
  • Licence exempt with up to 11 channels (4 recommended)
  • Diversity antenna transmission and receiving system
  • Secure encrypted transmission
  • Composite in. Upgradeable to SDI
  • Manual configuration via RS-232 port


Cobalt Information Sheet


Jay Hartigan

Finn Riley


Video: MPEG-2 standard definition,Composite / SDI,NTSC / PAL auto select
Latency: 465ms
Audio: 2 channels
Data Rate: Dynamically selects,between 4/8/14 Mb/s
Frequency: 5GHz Wi-Fi channels
Transmission Method: OFDM
Transmission Power: 50mW
Range: Outdoors: Up to 1600ft/500m line,of sight
Security: AES 128 bit encryption
Channel Select: Automatic. Up to 11 usable channels,(4 recommended)
Power: 8-38V DC 6 Watts
Control: Full manual override and configuration,via RS-232 port
TX Mounting: V-Lok, Anton Bauer or no plates
RX Mounting: Light stand mount, diversity antenna