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Telemetry, Tally & Iris and Tally Only solutions to suit any budget


The Boxx Full Telemetry solution utilises the manufacturer’s original RCP (remote control panel). This bi-directional system provides the operator with full RC functionality (as on a hard wired camera), including displaying F-stop and pedestal levels.

When used in conjunction with Boxx zero delay video transmission systems, the RCP operator will encounter no perceivable difference between hard wired and wireless cameras.


A simple and cost effective stand alone, tally and iris control system for a variety of manufacturers’ cameras by controlling the lens directly via the 12-pin cable.

The system fills a gap in the market where a simple iris control solution is required without extra paint features such as black level and red/blue gain.

The Tally and Iris controls are high-resolution and accurate, thereby providing a versatile iris control solution for most cameras without the additional cost of features included in full paint systems.

Available in the 434, 868 and 914MHz frequencies.

Please note: some countries will require specific frequencies. Contact us at sales@boxx.tv for further information.


The tally only transmitters support either 2 or 5 tally channels and can operate on 10 different frequency channels.

The tally only receivers operate on 10 different frequency channels and have 3 standard red LEDs and one supper bright LED for outdoor viewing.

The tally only system is currently available on 868Mhz and 434Mhz and local regulations should be checked before ordering.