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Low Latency Compressed HD Transmission Solution

The bandwith is adjustable (between 5-40MHz) and one of the strengths of the Zenith system is its ability to navigate around interference when operating in “wide-bandwith mode” making the link robust and extremely stable.

Zenith is fully configurable via a Web interface and statistics can be monitored on portable devices (such as an iPhone©) allowing the operator the flexibility to configure the system for optimal HD wireless transmission within any environment.

Zenith provides a scalable modular solution allowing trade offs between budget and performance.


  • 60 milliseconds latency
  • 5.1 – 5.9GHz licence-exempt band
  • Tally and Iris
  • Return Audio which can be used as IFB
  • Dual SDI output on receiver
  • Range from camera back transmitter up to 1km
  • Range (pointo-to-point) up to 20km
  • 2 – 14Mb encoding bitrate
  • Secure encrypted transmission


Zenith Information Sheet


Transmitter Broadcast Receiver
Latency: 60 milliseconds (2 frames) 60 milliseconds (2 frames)
Range: Up to 800m (camera back transmitter) Up to 20km (point-to-point
Video Output: HD-SDI
Format: up to 1080 60p (3G)
Audio Output: 2 channels embedded
Channel: Auto or manual selection
Compression Method: H.264
RF Power Output: Up to 350mW adjustable N/A
Modulation: OFDM
Bandwidth 5 - 40MHz
Frequency: 5.1 - 5.9GHzlicence-exempt band (other channels available on request)
Antenna Ports: 1 x TNC 2 x N-type
Firmware Upgradable via web interface
Size 190mm x 100mm x 35mm, 835g 410mm x 160mm x 70mm, 2.2kg
Weight 253g 580g (w/out Battery Plates)
Temperature Range: -5° to 50° C
Power: 9-36V via 4-pin Hirose or Anton Bauer/V-lok Battery Plates 9-36V via 4-pin XLR
Mounting: 1/4 inch spigot light stand spigot or U1 rack mount