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Instructional Videos

  • Maxwell-Z24 Full Telemetry Instructional Video

  • Tally & Iris System Instructional Video

    Scott Walker, Head of Technology for Boxx TV, discusses the features and how to set up the Boxx Tally & Iris system.

  • How Not to Set Up Antennas

    A short video on how to set up your antennas on the Meridian Broadcast Receiver…and how not to!  

  • Range Test – Park & Traffic

    A range test in an outdoor public environment with traffic.

  • Zenith at the Surfing Championships Fiji

    Located seven kilometres off the mainland of Fiji is the island of Tavarua, and the paradise location our tech team were deployed for the latest

  • Racer TV Zenith Installation

    The Boxx TV Zenith system was used as part of a bespoke installation at the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Championships in Florida, USA. This

  • Meridian Range Test – Amex Stadium

    Sorry if this video makes you sick, but when testing an installation, it’s important to create the very worst scenario that the system may need

  • Meridian used as ENG

    This video demonstrates Meridian used as ENG by US ABC news channel. The event was the Martin Luther King parade 2011 broadcast live. Video provided by

  • Excel London Set Up

    Meridian Broadcast Receiver system at the Excel Centre, London

  • A Royal Wedding

    Outdoor set up at Westminster, London for the Royal Wedding. CBS News requested the Meridian Broadcast system for this set up.